Merlin’s Alchemy for The New Camelot: Man’s Cosmic Destiny eBook

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This long awaited book by Alison L. James is the sequel to Merlin and The New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness. It provides the steps necessary for Man to take his place alongside the Enlightened Beings and Ascended Masters of the Great Spiritual Hierarchy, to build our New Shared World and to join Cosmocracy® within the Universe.

Working alongside her heavenly counterpart, Ascended Master Merlin, Alison L. James describes the Consciousness, Actions and God-Qualities needed by Man to make this New World a reality on Planet Earth. “All For One, One for All” is not solely a catchphrase from the past, but the true goal of Man’s Cosmic Destiny. Be prepared to experience the Love and Wisdom that pours forth from this book. It will inspire and guide you towards your Transformation and Evolution. It may even change your thinking, your life and your participation in our shared future.

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