Alison L. James

With thirty years’ dedication to her spiritual path, Alison is ready to assist you as you tread upon your own Starlight Path.  As an Author, Channel, Healing Facilitator, Metaphysical Teacher, Non-Denominational Minister, Ascension Energy Anchor and Cosmic Code Activator, Alison follows her own spiritual guidance to be of Service. Working with her heavenly counterpart, Ascended Master Merlin, and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light in the higher realms, Alison has landed firmly in two worlds, both earthly and galactic: she is a Messenger, a Mediator and an Activator.

Along the way, Alison has garnered spiritual experience and a wisdom that now form part of her foundation of timely, broad-spectrum offerings, the Ascension Toolkit, for those who are ready to pursue their own Ascension in these times of great change. Humanity is awakening on a global scale and stepping up to a greater level of responsibility for the betterment of the collective, but it is your own personal Inner Transformation that will bring about the changes you seek. The new world order, The New Camelot, as described in her book written with Ascended Master Merlin, is emerging. Together, as you realize the loving, cosmic nature of your blueprint, you will accelerate your own Ascension process.

With a deep love for and connection to Source, Alison will assist your own deep transformation, your inner alchemy, and realignment with your Higher Self. Her devotion to her work and Mission shines through all her readings, channelings, counseling and healing sessions. In alignment with Spirit, Alison will act to wholly stimulate and enhance your own evolution.

Alison's credentials include:

Ordinating Minister (Church of the Creator, Ashland, Oregon)
Great White Brotherhood Initiate and Teacher
Certified Crystal Healer (Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing, Kauai, Hawaii)
Rising Star™ Teacher and Practitioner
Prema Birthing™ Practitioner
ARCH™ Advanced Healer (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, Honolulu, Hawaii)
Kahuna ARCH™ Intuitive
Galactic Healing Practitioner
Holographic Sound Practitioner
NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Meditation (Silva International, Inc., Laredo, Texas)
The Seven Rays Healing Initiate (Fellowship of the Healing Rays)
Shifting Into Peace Project
Order of the Blue Snake

Alison received prophetic training in the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah, Church of New York, as well as in mystical and biblical studies, astrology, numerology, Kabbalah, sacred geometry, psychometry and divination. In her workshops and teachings, Alison speaks on a broad range of spiritual and metaphysical topics, including man’s connections to ancient civilizations and the planets within the Cosmos. In her role as Ascension Energy Anchor, she invokes her own energies as well as those of the Cosmos to assist the Ascension process for humanity and Mother Earth.

Alison is about to launch a sequel to her first book Merlin and The New Camelot; the Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness. The sequel, Merlin’s Alchemy for The New Camelot: Man's Cosmic Destiny, is a deeper exploration and body of work facilitating how humanity may evolve and create The New Golden Age of Love and Light. This work is offered working with Alison's heavenly counterpart, Ascended Master Merlin, and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Alison for many years now. Her wit and her vast knowledge of ancient and spiritual wisdom as well as her deep felt passion for empowering and bringing healing to humanity makes her a beautiful friend. One can always rely on her making herself available for support and guidance. Having worked with Merlin for as long as she has, Alison embodies the violet flame and the magic that he stands for making her a powerful tool of healing and transformation herself."

-Brigitte Boyea, Light Bridge Center for Transformation, Clinton, NJ ❤️❤️❤️

"In getting to know Alison over the past several years, to my delight I quickly realized I had met someone with great wisdom of the spiritual arts.  She lovingly sets many of life's mysteries on the table for you and explains them with the sophistication of a great scholar.  From her books to her healing sessions and workshops, I highly recommend considering any of her numerous offerings to help you on your own personal path to enlightenment."

-Mike S. from Pennsylvania

"Working with Alison is like being wrapped in a warm hug. Whether you are receiving energetic healing or simply sitting in conversation with her, you quickly come to feel the depth of her knowledge, and more importantly the deep love that guides all she does and says. I can always feel the healing, loving energies flowing through her to me. Time spent with Alison has truly and deeply enriched my life in so many ways!"

-Penny Fisher, NY

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