Reach for the Stars

Lamed, “Teaching and Learning”.

Hei, “the Grace of God”.

I am a Star,
A Star is a heavenly body radiating Light,
I AM a Star radiating Light,
I AM a Star …
 (repeat three times).

When man first incarnated upon Earth from other planets within the Universe, his body and senses were not as densified as they are now. Over eons of time, he forgot his starry origins and the consciousness of the streams of Starlight that supported him. As he succumbed to the control of his ego and denied his inner communication with the Higher Realms, he chose instead to focus on form and outer materiality, and he devolved away from Spirit. This is part of the unraveling from Source referred to as the “fall” that took place long, long ago. With a diminished perspective of Spirit and the power of Creation within himself, he began trusting and believing in his own power that superseded his mission to help Mother Earth and humanity to evolve and ascend.

While man may have forgotten his purpose, the Spiritual Hierarchy did not and has been guiding and supporting us from “behind the scenes”, even before our recorded history. Now is the time of the regathering into Oneness by all Cosmic Citizens everywhere to form the unified collective force of the Universe. This higher consciousness, or Christ Consciousness, is now being re-established on Earth through the power of Love being awakened in the heart of man. The Divine Plan that is operating infinitely throughout the Cosmos continues unabated on Earth and offers you many choices of awareness through multi-dimensional offerings of Spirit. You may now choose to accelerate to your next level of existence in this life and possibly the next. Your personal transformation and evolution await you through a “stellar” range of healing systems and tools available on Earth today.

The Starlight Path program offered to you here through this site is filled with wondrous opportunities for your transformation and connection to a greater fullness of the Truth of self and the Cosmos. It paves the way for you with amazing tools, healing systems and teachings to assist your re-alignment of self with Source and the way of being before the “fall”. It is time once more for man to become a wholly-functioning being of Soul and Spirit within the Universe.