The Violet Flame

For centuries, Alchemists on Earth sought to turn base metals into gold. Today, we can know that on a spiritual level it is possible to transmute our negative energies into higher consciousness through the heavenly dispensation of the Violet Flame.  Through the invocation of the Violet Flame, the alchemy of your own self-transformation can be activated, a requisite for the Starlight Path seeker.

When we first became aware of the Violet Flame we understood that it was a tool to be utilized to clear and purify ourselves, i.e. to release negative energies held within our physical and energetic bodies. Specifically, this purging takes place within man’s electronic belt around his lower chakras below the heart, although there is no limitation to such manifestation. Hence the Violet Flame may be called the Freedom Flame, for it can liberate man from the detritus of his past and accelerate his inner transformation from physicality into Light. It requires that we must be willing to let go of our fears and negative thoughtforms and in their place trust in our Wholeness of being. Challenges in life serves as lessons until we no longer react negatively to them.

The Violet Flame emiting the Violet Ray (the Seventh Ray) from the Violet planets is overseen by Ascended Master Saint Germain. St. Germain, who is the Universal Keeper of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection, Chohan (Lord) of the Seventh Ray and the God of Freedom, oversees this global transmittal of energies in order to provide a means for humanity to escape the densified negativities that have ensnared him since the “fall” from Grace. Thereto, St. Germain and his Twin Ray Lady Portia, Archangel Zadkiel and Divine Complement Amethyst, Lord Arcturus of the Elohim and his Divine Complement Victoria, vowed, together with Mother Mary, Lady Kwan Yin and other angelic beings, to remain in Service to assist man’s Ascension.

The Violet Flame was released to humanity in the last century (1900’s) to help with the Ascension process. Created out of the all-consuming fire of Source, the Violet Flame works by raising the vibration of the cells of the body where negative energies are stored.  Spiritual energy in the body is thereby allowed to flow more freely, enabling healing and expansion. The Violet Flame carries the qualities of Mercy, Forgiveness, Freedom and Transmutation necessary for the Ascension of the individual soul.

When the Violet Flame is invoked, it can transmute hardened and unforgiving thoughts in our etheric, mental and emotional bodies. It can heal emotional and physical problems, improve relationships and help you to grow spiritually. It can calm your mind, allay your fears, erase bad karma and turn dislike and hatred into Love. Old hurts and painful memories can be healed and dissolved. These are the “hard core” feelings within our cells that cause us so much pain and distress when triggered. We can now actively visualize and direct the energies of the Violet Flame to go where injury exists, in ourselves, in others, to the planet itself and even beyond. We can indeed assist our planet’s evolution to become the Freedom Star. The Violet Flame is a blessed gift and an indispensable tool from which everyone can benefit. It provides:

  • Freedom of God
  • Victory
  • Divine Justice
  • Liberty
  • Limitless Transmutation
  • Forgiveness
  • Mercy
  • Compassion
  • Diplomacy (the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way)
  • Power of Invocation (being proactive form Sovereignty)
  • Divine Ceremony (a ritual observance or procedure in recognition, honor and devotion)
  • Application of the Science of true Alchemy (or inner transformation)
  • Limitless Physical Perfection (the Seat of the Soul).

New Awareness for the Violet Flame

When we first learned to release old energies, we frequently judged those old, negative energies as being “bad” in some way. In the new fifth-dimensional paradigm of Unconditional Love, our expanded consciousness enables us to realize that if those energies served to bring us to a new and more expanded level of being, they cannot be labeled “bad”. We may now see them in a new light. As the experience they brought us delivered a new consciousness through the lesson learned, we are now to give thanks for their presence in our lives and bear witness to our having transmuted them. In this way we are learning to hold the balance for negative polarities and other forces at work.

Secondly, instead of remaining passive when releasing what no longer serves us, we may now be pro-active. In addition to giving thanks, simultaneously we may now choose to participate in invoking, creating and manifesting new levels of being that we choose for ourselves with those very same energies that we have transmuted. This frees us to elect to work with an ever-increasing vista of new possibilities and to move ever closer towards embodying Sovereignty of Self.

How to Use the Violet Flame

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and sit with your spine erect, legs and arms uncrossed, with your feet flat on the floor. Gently rest your hands in your lap, palms facing upwards. Take three deep breaths and relax. Center yourself and focus on the energies of your heart. You may imagine your light body sitting within the Violet Flame, its flames encompassing your entire energetic system. It is then invoked by your decreeing, aloud or internally, the following Decree three times:


I AM a being of Violet Fire
I AM the purity God desires!

You can increase this to 36, 72 or 144 repetitions, (in multiples of threes, the number of manifestation).  Repeating the Decree strengthens its power and draws down more light. You can add your own prayers and meditations if you wish.  The following decrees may be memorized and utilized also:

Tube of Light Invocation

Beloved I AM Presence bright
Round me seal your tube of light
From Ascended Master Flame
Called forth now in God’s own name
Let it set my temple free
From all discord sent to me
I AM calling forth Violet Fire
To blaze and transmute all desire
Keeping on in Freedom’s name
Till I AM one with the Violet Flame.

The Universal Flames and Heavenly Rays

While the Universal Flames and the Rays work with the human chakra system, they are not limited to working in a linear or predesignated manner, nor are they limited to any one particular chakra. They bring greater concentrations of illumination and consciousness to be worked through our entire being, both physically and energetically. The Rays themselves are usually mingled together and not always discernible or distinguishable by sight by us, although we may call upon them individually. These Light Sources, including the Violet Flame, are present with us on Earth, surrounding and infusing us with their consciousness to bring about the Ascension of humanity.

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