Events: Calendar + Descriptions



You are invited to join Alison for Workshops and Webinars, Meditations and Sacred Tours. Upcoming events are listed in the Calendar for you to attend.

Workshops: The Divine Playshops

Among Alison’s varied and stimulating workshop offerings are The Divine Playshops, Unconditional Love Transmissions for Healing and Expansion of Heart and Mind. Alison takes you on a spiritual journey to discover your inner and outer world in Time and No Time. Your presence and participation assists the effort of humanity to embrace Unconditional Love at this important time of our shared transition. By receiving and grounding these Divine Cosmic energies, you assist not only the integration of your own Divine Presence, but also that of the assembled group and collectively the energies of mass consciousness. The resultant effect of your openness and receptivity to Love and Light reaches far beyond linear thinking and assists Mother Earth at this time of her Ascension.

In her mission as an Ascension Energy Anchor and Cosmic Code Activator, Alison calls upon Divine frequencies from Source assisted by the Ascended Masters and other Galactic and Universal Beings of Light. As you bathe in streams of Unconditional Love, you are invited to safely expand your awareness beyond the Earthly realm in these Playshops.

Each Playshop features a themed spiritual teaching, a meditation and an exploration of our cosmic connections. Alison shares insights into our spiritual heritage that span continents, civilizations and that go beyond the physical realm. In music- and/or sound-assisted meditations you are invited to travel in Time and No Time to visit locations on Earth as well as other destinations within the Cosmos. From the dynamic energy of the assembled group, meditations of Love and Peace are then directed with the group intention. You are invited to come and share the joy and wonder of, for example:

  • The Temple of the Higher Light, Atlantis, Transmission
  • The Violet Conclave Transmission (Mykonos)
  • The Easter Island and Pleiadian Transmission
  • The Golden Heaven Gates Transmission (Beijing)
  • The Golden Cities and the Twelve Flames around the World
  • The Maya/Andromeda Transmission
  • The Mount Ararat Transmission
  • Activate the Lemurian Blueprint … and many others.

*Other specialized workshops may include the Chakras, Crystal Therapy and other customized offerings with Sound and Color.

Webinars and Conference Calls: Teachings and discussions on a wide variety of spiritual topics as announced.

Meditations: These are opportunities for you to come together with Alison, whether in person or remotely, in shared purpose for the Collective, as announced.

Sacred Tours and Ceremonial Gatherings: Sacred Tours have multiple purposes and functions. You are invited to join such a group dynamic for accelerated personal expansion and healing as well as to visit other places and experience multi-dimensional energies. Ceremonial Gatherings and shared camaraderie enhance the learning process and provide an opportunity to connect with the elementals and other beings of Light as well as to interract with like-minded souls on your journey. With the guidance of the Ascended Masters of the Higher Realms, each individual can develop in unforeseen and exciting ways and in turn contribute to the healing of Mother Earth herself.