Entire Starlight Path Package

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Advance enrollment in all three Starlight Path Packages is at the discounted rate of $1,250.

Starlight Path 1

  • One (1) in-depth Channeled Heart-to-Heart reading with Merlin and the Ascended Masters for Guidance and Awareness (1 hour); and
  • Three (3) Rising Star® Healing sessions for chakra clearing, healing and frequency raising, each session continuing for a 21 day period.

Starlight Path 2

  • A series of four (4) personalized sessions with Alison for Mentoring, directed Study (reading recommendations and practices) and Personal Development (30 minutes each). This may include energetic healing and infusions given either remotely or in person in alignment with guidance received from Package 1.

Starlight Path 3

This includes three (3) sessions selected from below as directed by Spirit:

  • Galactic Healing session(s) for deeper shamanic, angelic and geometric infusion.
  • Lumalight® acupuncture/Color Light Therapy with the meridians of the body.
  • Holographic Sound Healing with the Hologram of Love.
  • NLP Therapy with energetic reprogramming.
  • Crystal Therapy.
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