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Monthly Remote Workshop Series
Lords of the Seven Rays and The Seven Sacred Flames

Session Five Lord of the Rays:

You are invited to join this workshop

under the auspices of

Ascended Master Hilarion,

Chohan of the Green Ray and Flame of Healing,

Manifestation and Living Truth

through the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary

and Archangel Raphael.

Master Hilarion earned his "healing stripes" through his lifetimes as St. Paul and Hilarion and is for us the Chohan who removed his hood to reveal his identity and the Truth of Healing. He is ready to work with us to heal all aspects of our being on our journey to become a Christed One.

You are invited to join this workshop to further your own journey of healing and empowerment and to take another step towards the fulfillment of your own wholeness and to bring healing to others.

Let us share in Love, Forgiveness, Service, Purification and Humility to follow in the steps of Jesus the Christ with Master Hilarion, Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael.

$44.00 per Class or $280.00 for All Seven.
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