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I hope this finds you well and at Peace within. Whether we like it or not, the Divine Plan is unfolding through the coronavirus pandemic and in ways we have yet to understand. We must go with the flow. Lessons of hope, faith and trust abound for us all. Learning to surrender and accept are keys to our survival and to thriving. I believe that this pandemic will usher in a new appreciation for the Divine in everything. As El Morya said in his recent channeling, it is a new day and a new beginning. How we come forward as individuals and as a collective will lay a new foundation as we emerge from this crisis.

It is now some 50 years since prayer was banned from public schools in the United States. Those who came up without this practice may be even another step away from understanding the presence of the Divine. When we speak of God/Creator/Source, we realize we have limited words to describe, inter alia,  the ineffable, the limitless, the vastness, the allbeingness and divine power of Source. Most frequently we refer to the Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience of God. It is not often that we hear the word “Omnibenevolence” and yet this gift is so crucial for us at this time.

Omnibenevolence speaks to the all-pervading, divine presence of Love, the Love that is the substance behind All That Is in the Universe. Benevolence is well-meaning kindness and intention within the world we inhabit; it is everywhere. Everything is intended for our good, even if we cannot feel it, see it or even understand it in any given moment. But it is palpable if we can be still to observe it (as the photo above suggests). Omnibenevolence is the loving intention behind every happening and orchestration that pertains to us. It delivers to us under myriad guises an opportunity to be Love and of Service over and over again. As you read these words, I hope you can feel the benevolence of intent with which I am speaking and sharing with you today.

Omnibenevolence abounds in Nature; Mother Earth, the Plant, Animal and Mineral Kingdoms endlessly provide for us and bless us in multitudinal ways. We can feel the restorative and peaceful energy of Nature all around us. Without it, we would not exist. Yet for thousands of years we have taken advantage of all that Nature provides without consideration of recompense to her. This must end now. Our present situation has become untenable. We must find new ways to give back and sustain our beautiful planet.

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