The Mission

I am here to be a resource for you in your Ascension process upon Mother Earth. In Oneness with the Great Spiritual Hierarchy of Light and my eternal partner, Ascended Master Merlin, I bring you, Starlight expressions of Light, channeled readings, cosmic workshops, books, articles, recordings, healing sessions, sacred ceremonies and tours for personal growth, consciousness expansion, the raising of your frequency and empowerment. These Divine infusions of Universal Love, Light, Healing and Wisdom are intended for your personal alchemy and inner transformation. Together we can participate in Humanity’s Shared Mission for the Highest Good of All as we build The New Camelot, the New Golden Age of Light, based on Unconditional Love.
Rev. Alison L. James
 a/k/a Al-Ra Hara Ti-Ka

Everyone has a certain mission on Earth. No one has come in vain.
~ Beinsa Douno/Peter Deunov



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