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What began as a utopian society, the Camelot of old, actually established a framework of consciousness that is now expanding on a global scale. The dreams and ideals of Camelot are seeds planted to help us to collectively establish the highest principles of Christ Consciousness ever experienced on Earth. The New Camelot is the evolution of Mother Earth, humanity and all her life forms as she ascends into the paradigm of Love. NOW is the time of the Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness and each one of us play an important part of this coming to be. Are you one of the millions of people experiencing the transition? If so, this book is a must-read! In Merlin and The New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness, Merlin clearly defines this evolutionary shift for humanity in his own words. In this surprising book, Merlin’s words through his channel Ms. James are interspersed with her own clear research plus passionate, intelligent, spiritual wisdom. These two sources have created a rich metaphysical feast of insights to lead us to our collective destiny. She and Merlin cohesively summarize and consolidate the necessary elements for the creation of The New Camelot, provide healing guidelines, meditations and you can download the companion meditative music and a bonus 60-minute audio meditation with music by composer Gustavo Schmidt from the author's website to assist you. The collective voice of this book heralds the implementation of “We Consciousness,” and ultimately Collective Christ Consciousness, for the benefit and ultimate shared future of humanity. The New Camelot is our birthright.

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