Fit for Joy Episode #85

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In this episode, Valeria Teles interviews Rev. Alison the Awakening of The Heart and Spiritual Evolution.

Rev. Alison L. James is the author of Merlin and The New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness brings illumination and the alchemical wisdom of Merlin, the Ascended Masters and the Egyptian pantheon of gods and goddesses through channeling, teachings and in ceremony. As an Ascension Energy Anchor and Cosmic Code Activator for the Spiritual Hierarchy, Alison offers her broad metaphysical knowledge and experience as a Healing Facilitator (Crystals, Rising Star, Galactic Healing, ARCH, and NLP) and as a Non-denominational Minister through the Starlight Path. The Starlight Path offers mentorship, loving spiritual guidance, inner transformation, healing modalities and expansion of consciousness for the self and the foundation building of The New Camelot, the New Golden Age.

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