Virtual Tea 7: Church of the Creator

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 Church of the Creator Alison introduces her ministry service with the Church of the Creator, sharing Sacred Mandate and Consecration statements. You are invited to participate and step up to greater levels of planetary service with other like-minded individuals.  

Awakening of the Heart and Spiritual Evolution

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Be inspired by Love and Life in this interview of Rev. Alison L. James by Valeria Teles. They have a thought-provoking and deep discussion on spiritual matters concerning the Heart, the Mind and Thoughts,  Synchronicities, Syncretism, the 6th and 7th  Rays and the Violet Flame. …

Fit for Joy Episode #85

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In this episode, Valeria Teles interviews Rev. Alison the Awakening of The Heart and Spiritual Evolution. Rev. Alison L. James is the author of Merlin and The New Camelot: The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness brings illumination and the alchemical wisdom of Merlin, the Ascended …