About Virtual Tea

Virtual Tea
Join Alison for
a Cup of Kindness,
a Sip of Spiritualty,
a Spot of Laughter,
Food for Thought.

In your busy life you have to make many choices on a daily basis, sometimes from moment to moment, sometimes after long thought and reflection. In the time it takes to pause and have a cup of tea with a friend, you can tune in to Virtual Tea for Alison’s insights, tips and suggestions for a more conscious and spirit-filled life.

At this time of accelerated human evolution, collective consciousness is expanding on a global scale. To be present with your thoughts, emotions and actions is an important part of this shared energetic and it takes practice, perhaps even an entire lifetime to learn to be centered, loving, peaceful and of service to others. Every choice you make is as important for you individually as it is for its broader effects, both seen and unseen.

Wherever you find yourself in space and time, that cup of tea with Alison is just a click away. Whether you are seeking spiritual guidance, a greater sense of well-being or self-empowerment, lean in with an open heart to discover more. What Alison pours out may be just the right solution for you, your cup of tea.

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